Anything from anywhere anytime delivered including Aldi

Instant Grocery is a new service that can help with the following predicaments where you need supplies but can’t or don’t want to go outside. You might be cooking and find you have forgotten essential ingredients and you need them quickly. You might be in a hotel quarantine or in hospital and need supplies. Or you might need your prescription filled by the chemist.

Or worse still you might live in Melbourne, where every outing feels like dressing up for a war zone – masks, hand sanitizer, and avoiding as many people as possible – because anyone could be asymptomatic. So you are really curtailing those trips to the shops.

Then there is the situation where someone you care about lives miles across town and you want to make sure they get what they need without you having to drive the 40 minutes or more it takes to get there

Then, of course, there are occasions when you simply want to get flowers and chocolates delivered for someone for a special occasion.

Enter a newish business called Instant Grocery, which has been running for about eight months. It is the brainchild of Farrukh Zafar, who has worked in IT for over 21 years and has also built successful job portals for major companies.

His idea behind InstantGrocery is that you can get what you need within two hours. And while it is called Instant Grocery, you can order all kinds of things. Interested in the concept, I rang owner Farrukh Zafar to find out more.

His idea for the business is that lots of retail outlets don’t deliver and those that do often take too long to do so. “It can belong turnaround placing a delivery order with Coles or Woolworths as you often have to wait until the next day or even a couple of days for the delivery. And places like Aldi don’t deliver at all” Farrukh said.

With his background in creating employment platforms, it was also about supplying people with work. As we are all aware from the news, lots of students and part-time workers are doing it tough at the moment and not all are able to access Jobseeker or Jobkeeper payments.

And this new concept is a way for them to make money. Instant Grocery has around 6,000 of these shoppers/drivers in every state, except for Tasmania. And Farrukh made it clear that they get to keep the majority of the fee. I checked this and they make $11 on a $15 dollar delivery fee. “Some customers order just a few items” he said. “Others order their entire fortnightly shop.”

We get some unusual requests,” he said. “One woman only wanted a pregnancy test kit. She was desperate to know the outcome and wanted it quicklyAs 95% of our orders can be completed within the first hour we got it to her as fast as we could.”

We don’t deliver alcohol,” he said, ” but we do deliver cigarettes“.

Ordering is done through an app which you download. The majority of items are from major retailers such as Coles, Safeways or IGA but you can choose the store as customers like to be loyal to their local stores. The App and its drivers also pick up scripts from your home and deliver back your prescriptions or can pick up medicine where no scripts are required.”

Here are some of the customers’ reviews and I have chosen them as they also explain a little more about how Instant Grocery works.

I was excited to find this app and service. It was wonderful to be able to have our brand of milk and some basic groceries delivered while I balance trying to work from home with the kids…” (Meowting from Melbourne)

This service is an absolute lifesaver for those times when you can’t get to the shops, but need something asap. From the time I made my order through to the time my items were delivered, there was constant communication, so I always knew what was happening with my order. Will definitely be using regularly.” (Najette from Sydney)

Great service particularly during this time. I have been using Coles online during COVID but sometimes you just need a couple of items, but I am avoiding the shops. From placing my order to delivery was an hour and I was kept updated the whole time. Even called from the store when something wasn’t available and got him to grab another brand. Love it, will be using it again “(Dixies from Melbourne).

So happy I found this app. COVID has made life hard and these guys have made it easier. I’ve given 5 stars as what I needed from this service was achieved. The order was placed, and I immediately received confirmation. Within 30 minutes my shopper called me to ask about certain items that were not in stock and offered substitutes. Items were all delivered safely within the 2-hour time frame promised. The only thing I wish could be altered, is not having to manually write each item on the list as it takes a little longer. It would be hard to add entire product list of each supermarket chain, however, so I understand. The ultimate advantage with this service though, is that they can pick up from any store for you..Bunnings, Kmart etc. Thanks for the great work!! Will be back again!” (Eastmum from Melbourne)

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